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Ambition Visa Services

Ambition visa services is a breakthrough company in the world of Immigration consultancy and Visa processing. Our journey in Global services started in May 2013 with an initiative of Ambition Institute- a pioneer institute for learning foreign languages. After offering exceptional services in 8 major foreign languages and fetching enormous name and fame in the field, we branched out our services to Visa and Immigration consultancy on popular demand by students in 2017. Our earnest aim was and will always be to provide genuine Visa consultancy service to all. Over the past 4 years, we have been recognized as the best visa immigration consultants in Punjab due to the dedication and expertise of our team.
What makes us stand out from the rest of the immigration consultants around us is our diligence to assist in every plodding step of the process in such a manner to make it self-driven and full of enthusiasm for the client.
Currently, we are having 2 branches in Punjab. One is in Jalandhar at the centre of the city near the Main Bus stand and the other is in Ludhiana by the name of Abroad Study Campus. Both of our locations are completely safe and easily approachable owing to the current needs. Any one can reach out hassle-free for a career counselling session and any query clearance regarding Visa application and approval.


We abide by our first and foremost principle to provide the most honest assessment to our client at every step. We believe in treating our clients as a part of our family with whom we are determined to form a happy, satisfactory and sustainable relation to last long.

Being Pocket- friendly

We feel it as a much needed step to be taken in the world of global exposure to make the doors of foreign countries approachable to almost every deserving individual. This goal can only be achieved if we make migrating abroad affordable to each worthy person by reducing agent fees to less than half of the price. This breakthrough step taken by us will prove to be a benchmark in our goals and for the overall upliftment of indians aspiring for a better career outlook abroad.

Creating upheaval

With the tremendous amount of changes occurring in the world everyday, we aim at putting ourselves updated everyday. We are in a constantly running cycle of refurbishing and modifying our services keeping in tune the traditional ways and the modern techniques to provide our clients with the best quality service at every step.

Delivering rightful cognizance

We are unswervable on our decision to provide the most clear-cut knowledge to our clients at every step. There is nothing and can never be in chambers in Ambition Visa services when a client makes his/her mind to team up with us for the resolution of his Visa issues.

Putting Client First

They say it is the word of mouth advice that brought our clients to our office. It is not anything we made them to say. It is the feeling we made them feel while getting their Visa processing done with us. We always keep our clients requirements one step forward to give our best.

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.

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