Common Reasons for Canada Refusal

Top reasons for Canada Visa refusals.

What you can do after your refusal

Top 3 Reasons for Canada Tourist Visa Refusals

  1. Insufficient Funds: Canada immigration might refuse your application if you do not have sufficient funds. But what is considered sufficient funds varies dramatically. A single person who is staying in Quebec might need fewer funds than a family visiting Toronto. Your duration of travel and type of occupation is also taken into consideration when a Visa officer asses your funds. That is why sometimes a person with 3-4 lacs gets a  visa and another person get refusal even after 7-8 lacs.
  2. Travel History: It is advisable to apply for Canada Tourist visa only if you have some travel history. Travelling first time to Canada does not make any sense if you are representing yourself as a solo traveller. You must have visited 2-3 countries ideally to get your travel history in check. Many people apply for Canada tourist visa on a fresh passport and get refusal. Only if you are visiting a family member, travel history does not matter. Otherwise, it is very important and the most popular reason for Canada visa refusal. 
  3. Family Ties: You have to show family-ties to convince Visa officer that you will return. People who do not have strong family ties will possibly get a refusal. Senior citizen is exceptions in this case. Single people of age 25 to 30 might get refusal if their family ties and occupation does not seem compelling enough to make them come back to their home country. 

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