How to increase your Canada Express Entry Score


Express entry Canada. How to increase your points


Here are some ways to improve your CRS score:

1. Get CLB 9 in IETLS

DAH! Everyone knows this, getting CLB 9 or more in IELTS is something that appears daunting to many. However, the bitter truth is that many people fail to reach this score only by 0.5 especially in writing. I have read post blaming IDP and British council for not giving this score. And I was one of those people who missed IELTS CLB nine 4 times because of writing module. Every time, I got 6.5 in writing and 8 in others. At last, I stopped blaming and suspecting the IDP/British council and started understanding IELTS writing requirements. Finally, I got the score. So from experience, it is possible.

2. Get CLB 7 in French

Getting CLB 7 in TCF or TEF exam can change the whole game for you. Learning French scares many candidates since it is a whole new language that you need to master. But the truth is French is not as difficult as it seems. 40% of French Vocabulary is the same as English. If you really are motivated to learn then getting CLB 7 is a lot easier than you think.

3. Secure an LMIA-approved job offer

Another way to increase your CRS score and get up to 600 points is to secure a job offer, recognized by the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), from an employer in Canada. This will make a candidate from the Express Entry pool more eligible to receive an ITA.

4. Get Nominated by a Province

If you have studied in Canada or have job experience then getting nominated is more possible. Another way to get nominated is to be Skill shortage list. Last but not least, if you have done French than Ontario may nominate you under Francophone stream.

5. Find a job offer

Securing a job offer can give you 50 to 200 points which can help you in your application. However, you still need an LMIA job offer from an eligible employer. The sad reality is that most of the employers do not wish to go the extra mile to apply for LMIA for immigration applicants. However, if someone really needs to hire an employee because there is no one in Canada and they need to call an immigrant to do the job. Then you might get lucky. There is no harm in spending 30 minutes daily on a job hunt. THE BEST SITE SO FAR IS ZIP RECRUITER. You can apply for multiple jobs at once with a single click and chances to get an answer is much higher.


  1. Do not pay any agent for job offers. This is not only illegal but almost 100 per cent of the time the job offer will be fake and you might get robbed of your hard-earned money.
  2. Calculate your own CRS score. Some agents exaggerate your CRS score. Calculate your CRS score here.
  3. You can apply for express entry by yourself. You don’t need an agent for that. However, if you plan to get an agent to make your work smooth. You should choose ICRCC consultant. Ambition visa services have ICCRC consultant.

Note: Ambition Visa Services can help you with French classes. We have special batches for TCF and TEF for affordable fees. We can also help you in your case assessment and set up your appointment with our ICRCC consultant.

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