Why study in Germany | Masters and Bachelors programs

Bachelor Programs

English Taught and German Taught Program

If you have done +2 or Higher Secondary with 60% or more than you are eligible for Bachelors in Germany.

You can opt for Private Bachelors: Studying in Private insituation can cost you upto 11,000 Euros per year. However, most of the time you can skip studenkollege if you choose private insitution. However, you need IELTS for studying Bachelors in Private institution. Most of the time these colleges provide English programs to International students.

You can also choose Government University: Government university provide both English taught Bachelors and German Taught progam. However, Bachelors government university have limited English Taught programs. Student mostly have to learn German and apply for German taught programs.

Steps to Study Bachelors in Germany ( Private)

Step 1. Get 5.5 bands minimum

Step 2. Apply for Offer letter

Step 3. Pay Fees and Open Block account

Step 4. Get Embassy Date and Submit File.

Step 5. Go to Germany and Start Bachelors Directly

Steps to Study Bachelors in Germany ( Government University)


Master programs in Germany

Pay No tuition fees

Germany is the best destination for study who wants to study Masters in Engineering without paying exorbitant fees like in USA or Canada. Students who have acquired more than 55% in Bachelors may apply for Masters programs. Higher the percentage, better.  The duration of Masters program is anywhere from 1 year to 2 years. Post graduate students have both English and German taught option in Government Universities. However, German taught programs are more reccomended if you want to secure a job after studying or even get P.R in future.

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