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Student Visa

It is pretty much clear from the name itself that if you are planning to study abroad you need a legal document issued by the respective country to make you authorized of staying and studying in their country. Though the requirements of Visa approval differs from country to country but the basic congruities of all remain almost the same.


With tremendous efforts and guaranteed results brought within the past few years in this global ecosystem, we hold a distinct space amongst the others as the pioneers of student visa approvals.

We clearly understand our clients’ queries and how applying for a student visa without proper guidance can be so overwhelming for them.

We provide guaranteed student Visa approvals for the following countries:





When should you approach Ambition Visa services for Student Visa?

We always suggest our students to be 3-4 months ahead of their desired University/college deadlines for Visa. This is advised for smooth workflow of documentation, applications and English eligibility test required by the respective university. If you are planning for an education loan or scholarships, then you need to be a more early applicant of the process.

Basic Documentation to keep handy for Student Visa application

The basic and foremost requirement before applying for a student Visa is a valid passport with desired extended validity up till your stay in the country. Make sure to have at least two blank pages in your passport for stamping of the visa. Also, a noticeable point is to keep all your previous expired passports (if any) along while approaching up to applying for a student visa as we need to submit a copy of all for the application.

For applying for a student Visa of any country, you always require proof of being a bonafide student of your present country. This is commonly done by submitting a proof of being admitted to an educational institution of your presently residing country. It is preferable for you to bring your current college/school documents along while visiting us for a study visa application.

It is basically a prerequisite for you to show that you are capable of affording your college or university expenses as well as your expenses of living in the desired country before applying for the visa. The requirements of financial lucidity varies from country to country. Some might have specified the amount of funds and some might have wider guidelines.

The main obligation before applying for a visa for a particular country is to prove that you are well versed with the mode of communication of that country. As most of the countries have english as their primary language, you need to prove your proficiency in english both written and verbal through certifications like TOEFL, IELTS. For countries like Germany and France, you might require to prove your proficiency in their native language. Don’t worry, rely on us for your language skills. Ambition Institute is a master one-stop destination for all your foreign language skills enhancement since the past 7 years.

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