Tourist Visa

Are you planning to visit abroad? We assist in all kind of tourist visas (Schengen visa, Canada, USA and New Zealand visitor visa). We make everything super easy for you. We also organize group travels for our students.

Those who love to have fun and see the world or just to probe various business avenues often require traveling abroad on short trips for pleasure or business. It is worth taking some time out and visiting family and friends or perhaps just go on a sightseeing trip to countries such as USA, Australia, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, Hong Kong, France, Singapore etc. On such trips one requires a visit visa or perhaps a holiday visa, as a visit abroad entails certain requirements in the form of visa formalities such as:

  • Specific visa related documentation
  • Full information about the visa process

US immigration laws and regulations are often complex and can prove difficult for those migrating to the US to understand. Our job at Ambition Institute of Foreign languages is to provide innovative, effective and time efficient solutions to immigration problems and help you get a work permit visa. We offer a wide variety of US visas/status to nurture the needs of individuals, families, professionals, corporations as well as investors. We can help you secure the best US visa for your needs in the simplest and quickest way.

Canada visitor visa can be applied online or through paper. Do you have sponsorship letter from friend or relative? Do you want to go to Canada to visit a family member? Do you want to make a business trip to Canada? We are here to help you.

The Schengen Area is comprised of 26 countries that have agreed to allow free movement of their citizens within this area as a single country. Of the 26 countries bound by the Schengen agreement, 22 are part of the EU and the other 4 are part of the EFTA.

You can come to New Zealand as a visitor. During your stay, you’ll need enough money to support yourself and everyone included in your application. While you’re here, you can enjoy New Zealand’s scenery, adventure, culture, and friendly people.

This visa allows people to visit Australia for a holiday or recreation, or to visit family and/or friends for a stay up to three or six or twelve months. This visa may also be used for other short-term non-work purposes.